Ahoy there! Thanks for your interest in my domain.

I get a lot of requests to buy my domain. I understand why, it's short, modern and .io domain fits well with the world of startups.

I set up this page to avoid lengthy conversations with people who are interested, if you are serious please read on...

  • Q. Is this domain for sale?

    Not really... I don't actively look for buyers. I do actively use the website as a personal website as well as have other tools like Poll and various other personal tools on the same domain.

    However, everything has its price and I would be stupid to not treat this domain as a potential asset. So if the right offer were to be made then I would be willing to sell it.

  • Q. How much do you want for the domain?

    I'm not going to say but I will give some guidance that the highest offer I have rejected so far was $30k USD.

  • Q. Do I really think the domain is worth more than that?

    No, not really... my main reason for not selling so far has been email. I can see from my 1Password that my email addresses are registered on 1,500+ platforms. Changing this, although not impossible, would suck.

  • Q. Will you consider less than this?

    Maybe, not at the time of writing this but circumstances always change so who knows.

  • Q. What if I were to offer to buy your domain but forward your email?

    Maybe... Security would still be a concern here but I'm open-minded about options.

  • Q. Ok. I'm still interested in contacting you about making an offer. What's next?

    Great. Let's chat, here are some last things you should know before contacting me:

    For the protection of us both, I would only ever consider transferring the domain via a reputable escrow.

    Please let me know what your offer is. Requests for a sale price from me will be ignored.